January 23rd, 2011

Perhaps the term “technology” is too limiting on the subject matter that I want to discuss in this blog.  I am a science nerd, so really what I intend to do is delve a little deeper into cool things that I have seen on TV shows and online.  I will probably end up covering a lot of different fields with topics ranging from nanotechnology to self-cleaning bathrooms (I am a bit of a neat freak and that sounds like probably the most amazing thing EVER!).  Some things I will write about – stuff like teleportation – don’t even currently exist in the real world, only in some crazy scientist’s imagination and equations.  But then again, don’t most inventions start out as a dream?  Who knows what will be possible.  I have no idea where my path of topic choices will lead me.  I don’t have a set plan for what I will write about each week – some stuff will be serious, some will just be a reflection of my weird interests.  I simply hope to learn about some cool things and share my findings with you.

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