[Nintendo 3DS]

March 25th, 2011

When I heard about the Nintendo 3DS, the first thing I wondered was how the 3D works with no glasses.  The idea seems baffling to me – how can they do that? Well, it starts with a stereoscopic 3D display. The top screen has an 800×240 resolution, with 400 pixels being allocated to each eye.  This allocation is what creates the 3D effect. In stereoscopy, two offset images are presented to the seperately to the left and right eye. A light source splits the two images directionally into the view’s eyes. The viewer’s brain combines these 2 images, which creates the perception of 3D depth in the image. A 3D depth slider allows the user to adjust the intensity of the 3D. Games can even be played in 2D if desired.

[Coldstone: Gotta Have It]

March 19th, 2011

For this weeks post, I thought I would share my essay on the superior quality of Cold Stone ice cream.  The page’s design comes from pure CSS and it was my first real attempt at learning CSS.  Enjoy!